Site Remediation in Columbus, OH

Create a safe and clean work environment in any location when you work with the team at Fee Corp. Since 1992, we have delivered site remediation in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas for workplaces throughout the public and private sectors. No matter what your job calls for, you can trust your site restoration services to our trained and experienced crew members. Reach out to us today to discover more on our solutions.

Thorough Site Assessments

Environmental work spaces are at an increased risk of contamination due to the nature of the job and the surrounding areas. Keep your workplace safe when you turn to us. As part of our services, we perform detailed and in-depth site assessments that include analysis and soil assessments. We test and analyze any potential hazards in order to identify contaminants in tanks, pits, sumps, and lagoons.

Throughout our years in operation, we have delivered the top level of service throughout public and private sectors. In order to continue to offer the leading standard of quality to our clients, we perform constant testing of our industrial and environmental services. We decontaminate all buildings and equipment on your facility, and follow all RCRA Stabilization guidelines to remove hazardous materials, including:

Site Assessments in Columbus, OH
  • Acids
  • Caustic Substances
  • Chlorinated & Non-Chlorinated Solvents
  • Fuels
  • Oils
  • Substances Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls

Full Site Restoration Services for Your Location

When your site is full of contaminated and hazardous materials, it is important to remove the danger as soon as possible to reduce safety risks and opportunities for inefficiency. During site restoration, getting your location back to its original condition is our top priority. We use advanced industrial equipment to return the site to its previous, safe condition.

Count on Our Site Personnel for Service

Leave your job in the hands of our experienced professional. We are committed to ensuring your customer satisfaction in all that we do. As part of this commitment, we only provide you with the most highly skilled and trained technicians to solve your problems. Each member of our team is able to provide safe, efficient, and effective methods for all site assessments and site restoration projects. We follow all the safety guidelines outlined by OSHA and make sure to obtain all the necessary permits.

From tank removal to hazardous waste removal, our technicians are equipped with the technology, knowledge, and experience to perform services throughout your project site. No matter how extensive your remediation is, we are here to help.

Contact us to request our remediation and restoration services for your work site. We offer service throughout Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas.