Hazardous Waste Removal in Columbus, OH

When you need to remove hazardous waste and materials from your worksite, contact Fee Corp. We have the equipment, technology, and trained personnel to see that your site is decontaminated, sanitized, and returned to its original condition. We comply with all laws and regulations, and remove waste material in a safe and efficient manner. Our technicians in Columbus, OH, have the training and experience to manage hazardous waste removal projects of any size.

Our company has the means and capabilities to remove and transport liquid, sludge, and solid materials to the appropriate facilities for treatment, recycling, storage, and disposal. We use a variety of equipment to manage transportation services, including:

  • Dump Trailers
  • 25 and 30 Yard Roll-Off Boxes
  • Vacuum Boxes
  • Dewatering Boxes
  • Drop Deck Trailers
  • Straight Trucks for Drum Runs (LTL and Full Loads)
  • Bulk Vacuum Trucks and Tankers (DOT Coded)
  • Transport Tankers (6,000-gallon insulated/non-insulated)
  • 250/500 BBL FRAC Tanks (10,000 - 22,500 Gallons)
  • Box Vans and Straight Box Trucks

Emergency Hazardous Waste Transportation

Hazardous spills can cause serious damage to your site if they are not handled appropriately and in a timely manner. Our company is equipped with reliable hazardous waste transportation that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Regardless of the type of hazardous material, our technicians can propose a custom solution to meet your specific problems and needs.

We have a fully stocked emergency truck ready and available to meet your emergency situation. Our fleet of vacuum trucks ranges in size. Whether you need our vacuum services for wet and dry material, cyclone attachments for quick drumming, or pressure-off systems for liquids and sludge, you can count on us to meet your needs.

Hazardous Waste Transportation in Columbus, OH

Roll-off Containers

Drum Management
  • Roll Off Boxes - All Shapes and Sizes
  • Vacuum Boxes
  • Solid Lid Boxes
  • Sludge Dewatering Boxes
  • Poly Tanks
  • FRAC Tank (250/550 BBL)
  • Onsite storage for Acids/Caustics
  • Hydraulic Submersible/Diesel Pumps
  • Tank Containment Berms
  • Material Identification
  • Chemical Sampe Analysis
  • Over-pack / RE-pack Services
  • Characterization/Profiling Services
  • US DOT Regulated Transportation
  • Landfill Disposal; Subtitle C, Subtitle D
  • Materials Recovering or Re-refining / Recycling Services
  • Hazardous Incineration Services
  • UN Specification Drum Supply

Drum Management

Bulk/ Non-Bulk Transportation
  • Conventional / Vacuum Excavation & Site Restoration
  • RCRA Closure Services
  • SVE System Installation
  • Groundwater Management & Remediation
  • Facility De-contamination
  • Chemical-pack / Lab-pack Services
  • Vacuum Tankers (2,100 - 6,000 Gallon)
  • Straight Box Truck / Van
  • Roll-Off Tractor/Trailer
  • Hazardous Material DOT Coded Transport Capable
  • UN Specification Containers

Skilled Hazardous Waste Technicians

Our hazardous waste technicians have received the proper training to handle any type of hazardous situation. We make sure each member of our team complies with all safety regulations and rules. Only those who have been through 40 hours of OSHA training work on your site.

The latest technology in spill control is used to remove any dangerous waste and chemicals from your site. We provide continuous monitoring during the cleanup process and update you on all progress and changes. Our industrial and environmental services company is prepared to respond to your emergency.

Contact us to remove hazardous materials from your site. We proudly serve clients in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Westerville, and Hilliard, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.