Underground Tank Cleaning in Columbus, OH

Cleaning underground tanks is an integral part of providing customers with a clean and safe product. Whether you're storing fuel or water, your product needs to be protected. It's also important to maintain the integrity of the tanks. Rust and corrosion can form on the inside of the tank and cause it to leak hazardous materials into the ground. This leads to an unsafe work environment, which can then limit productivity on the job. When you need a proficient underground tank cleaning in Columbus, OH, call Fee Corp.

We've been providing underground tank cleaning services to the local community since 1992. Over the past two decades, we've helped many businesses in the private and public sectors ensure the quality of their tank does not deteriorate and that any contaminates found are removed.

Tank Cleaning & Confined Space Entry
  • 29 CFR 1910.146 OSHA Compliant Trained Personnel
  • Water-blasting Services
  • High Velocity Vacuum Services
  • UST / AST Complete Wash-style Cleaning w/Product Recirculation Filtering
  • UST / AST, S-Silos, Vaults, Holding Tanks Ducting / Pipes and List Stations.
  • Equipment Retrieval

Vessel Cleaning of Any Size

No matter how big the underground tank is, we have the skills and equipment to see that it is thoroughly and safely cleaned. We utilize advanced tools and equipment to see that a vessel cleaning is properly handled. We've seen underground tanks of all sizes since we started offering industrial cleaning services to the community over two decades ago. You can depend on us to deliver a thorough cleaning for your underground tank.

Why Cleaning Your Underground Tank is Important

Contamination can cause a number of problems for you, the workers, and the product. Hazardous materials leaking into the soil or water also pose a threat to public health and cause a disruption in your work. Work is halted in order to perform tests and determine if any contaminates were released. This results in a loss of productivity, which can put you financially at risk. For the safety of your workers and the public, have underground tank cleaning performed.

Vessel Cleaning in Columbus, OH

Follow Safety Protocols When Cleaning an Underground Tank

Each member of our team is trained to handle any underground cleaning situation. When you call us for a cleaning, we make sure to arrive on schedule. Our personnel receive the required training to make sure they work within the safety guidelines set up by OSHA. We understand and practice current regulatory and compliance laws.

Our company is certified in tank cleaning and tank removal. Our family-owned company knows an unclean tank has a negative effect on your business and we work with you to see that is cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Contact us to schedule a tank cleaning. We proudly serve clients in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Westerville, and Hilliard, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.